By Walter Leal Filho, Anthony O. Esilaba, Karuturi P.C. Rao, Gummadi Sridhar

This ebook summarizes the proof from diversified African nations in regards to the neighborhood affects of weather switch, and the way farmers are dealing with present weather dangers. different participants express how agricultural structures in constructing nations are stricken by weather adjustments and the way groups arrange and adapt to those changes.

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Leal Filho et al. O. Nyamwaro et al. Á Á Á Keywords Climate change adaptations Mitigation Capacity building Situation analysis Introduction Climate change (CC) is a serious threat to agricultural productivity in regions that are already food insecure. Evidence of crop yield impact in Africa and South Asia resulting from CC is clearly witnessed in wheat, maize, sorghum and millet, and is unclear, absent or contradictory in rice, cassava and sugarcane (Knox et al. 2012). It is projected that by 2050 the world will have to increase agricultural production to feed a projected nine billion people against changing consumption patterns, impacts of CC and growing scarcity of water and land (Beddington 2010).

Esilaba, W. J. J. Wasswa, R. M. Kibue Abstract Given that climate change and variability have become one of the greatest threats to food security and livelihoods, a baseline study and some literature synthesis were conducted to understand the current situation of CC scenarios in Kenya. The study sought to determine the current status of CC projects that have been undertaken in Kenya in the past five years. Major CC themes and sensitive productive sectors to CC were conceptualized in which the study was based.

However, for the proposed measures to be effective and widely adopted they have to be supported by credible estimates of their cost, impact, and economic benefits, something that has been lacking in most National Adaptation Plans of Action (NAPAS) and other climate change adaptation policy documents in the region. This study therefore sought to assess the extent which scientific information has been used to inform climate change adaptation policies, plans and strategies in Kenya. It also sought to assess the effectiveness of existing platforms for sharing climate change information in the country.

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