By Robert N. Proctor

What do not we all know, and why do not we all know it? What retains lack of know-how alive, or permits it for use as a political software? Agnotology—the examine of ignorance—provides a brand new theoretical standpoint to increase conventional questions on ''how we know'' to invite: Why do not we all know what we do not comprehend? The essays assembled in Agnotology express that lack of information is frequently greater than simply a scarcity of data; it could possibly even be the end result of cultural and political struggles. lack of awareness has a heritage and a political geography, yet there also are issues humans don't desire you to grasp (''Doubt is our product'' is the tobacco slogan). person chapters deal with examples from the geographical regions of worldwide weather swap, army secrecy, girl orgasm, environmental denialism, local American paleontology, theoretical archaeology, racial lack of knowledge, and extra. The objective of this quantity is to higher know how and why a number of types of realizing don't become, or have disappeared, or became invisible.

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