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The Labyrinth (Bloom's Literary Themes)

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Examines labyrinths in literary works starting from Virgil's ''Aeneid'' to Umberto Eco's ''The identify of the Rose. ''

(And many extra titles. .. as general of Bloom's thorough paintings! )

Claudine en ménage

L. a. weird and wonderful comédie que fut le jour de mon mariage ! Trois semaines de fiançailles, l. a. présence fréquente de ce Renaud que j’aime à l’affolement, ses yeux gênants, et ses gestes (contenus cependant) plus gênants encore, ses lèvres toujours en quête d’un bout de moi me firent pour ce jeudi-là une mine aiguë de chatte brûlante.

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I snap out of my daydream to the sound of his voice. “Grey. Look at me. ” I get up from the chair and stand at the doorway. “Target is six feet tall, Caucasian male, small build, considered armed and dangerous. Last known location is Thelma’s Pub on 7th and Green. Window to eliminate is two hours. ” He doesn’t answer. Just stands there and gives me an amused glare. “Look, Joe,” I say. “I’m fine, seriously. ” “Grey, I need you to be sharp for this. ” I smirk and close the door behind me. I step outside and into the wide expanse of Dock 3.

And I fall asleep to the whispers of my angel. 13 • FINNEGAN Year: 2030 The phone vibrates on the coffee table. He picks it up and opens the message: Message received from Joe: Where are you? He tosses the phone back on the coffee table. “It’s my day off, man,” he groans. ” He hops back onto his couch, and just when he’s about to resume the video on his television, the doorbell rings. He gets up and walks over to the door, checking the peephole. Pizza guy. He opens the door and greets the delivery man with open arms.

She looks the way she should look. Unaffected by the cruelties of life. I wonder if that’s how Hannah would look. Hannah… Reality crashes its heavy hammer down on me. Everything comes back to me now. I turn back towards the street and there’s my SUV driving down it, the same one from my daydream. Only now Allie is behind the wheel. And Hannah is in the passenger seat. Alive. They turn off the street and out of sight. The moment passes me by like a breeze, just as I’m wishing that I could stay in it a few more seconds, just a bit longer for me to gain my wits and my bearings.

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