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Книга предназначена тем, кто интересуется удивительной и постоянно меняющейся зоной, где море встречается с сушей, и кто хочет знать виды птиц, использующих эту зону во Флориде и более южных островах. Автор Дэвид Неллис рассказывает о птицах, которые встречаются на пляжах, в мангровых зарослях и даже на скалах Карибских островов.

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Barry Reynolds and John Berryman, authors of "Pike at the Fly" and "Beyond Trout," have joined with Brad Befus to problem you to use what's definitely the final, nice, ignored flyfishing source in North the United States. set aside your preconceptions, learn "Carp at the Fly" with an open brain, and you’ll quickly be flyfishing for large, powerful, clever fish in water simply mins out of your domestic.

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Further, new editions of the foreign chart will not necessarily result in a new edition of the DMAHTC reproduction. In these cases, the foreign chart is the better chart to use. A revised or corrected print contains corrections which have been published in Notice to Mariners. These corrected prints do not supersede a current edition. The date of the revision is given, along with the latest Notice to Mariners to which the chart has been corrected. 328. Title Block See Figure 328. The chart title block should be the first thing a navigator looks at when receiving a new edition chart.

1. It may be labeled with a berth number or other information. A buoy symbol with a horizontal line indicates the buoy has horizontal bands. A vertical line indicates vertical stripes; crossed lines indicate a checked pattern. There is no significance to the angle at which the buoy symbol appears on the chart. The symbol is placed so as to avoid interference with other features. Lighted buoys are indicated by a purple flare from the buoy symbol or by a small purple disk centered on the position circle.

A simple conic projection. The useful latitude range of the simple conic projection can be increased by using a secant cone intersecting the earth at two standard parallels. See Figure 313. The area between the two standard parallels is compressed, and that beyond is expanded. Such a projection is called either a secant conic or conic projection with two standard parallels. Figure 312b. A simple conic map of the Northern Hemisphere. NAUTICAL CHARTS 29 The polyconic projection is widely used in atlases, particularly for areas of large range in latitude and reasonably large range in longitude, such as continents.

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