By James A. Coakley Jr., Ping Yang

A first-look at radiative move in planetary atmospheres with a selected specialize in the Earth's surroundings and weather. The textbook covers the fundamentals of the radiative move of solar, treating absorption and scattering, and the move of the thermal infrared acceptable for neighborhood thermodynamic equilibrium, absorption and emission. The examples integrated express how the suggestions of the radiative move equation are utilized in distant sensing to probe the thermal constitution and composition of planetary atmospheres. This motivates scholars by way of major them to a greater realizing of and appreciation for the computer-generated numerical effects.
Aimed at upper-division undergraduates and starting graduate scholars in physics and atmospheric sciences, the e-book is designed to hide the essence of the cloth in a 10-week path, whereas the cloth within the non-compulsory sections will facilitate its use on the extra leisurely velocity and in-depth concentration of a semester direction.

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H. The net radiative cooling of the troposphere is approximately compensated by the release of latent heat when water condenses and falls as precipitation. Calculate the rate of precipitation (mm/day) required to just balance the net radiative cooling. 5 × 106 J kg−1 for the heat of vaporization for water. Compare this approximate estimate of the precipitation rate with the rate of surface evaporation. i. Assume that the stratosphere represents all of the atmosphere above 250 hPa and calculate the heating rate of the stratosphere (K/day) caused by the absorption of sunlight by O3 .

It absorbs radiation emitted by the surface and lower atmosphere and then emits radiation at a lower temperature. Just as in the window-gray model, because the cirrus is semitransparent at the window wavelengths, some of the radiation emitted by the surface and lower atmosphere is transmitted through the cirrus. 9b shows the infrared spectra emitted downward by the atmosphere at the surface. The downward emission is larger with the cirrus present than it is for cloud-free conditions. The increase in downward emission from cloudy skies during a cold, middle to high latitude winter night warms the surface by emitting radiation downward toward the surface.

If a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere were to suddenly increase, the absorption of infrared radiation by the gas would cause the emission at the top of the atmosphere to suddenly decrease. For a greenhouse gas that does not absorb sunlight, the amount of sunlight absorbed would remain unchanged. The Earth would warm. At the surface, owing to the increase in the greenhouse gas, the emission downward by the atmosphere at the surface would increase, thereby increasing the absorption of emitted radiation by the surface.

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