By David E. Siskind, Stephen D. Eckermann, Michael E. Summers

Published by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.

lately, separate geophysical study cultures have constructed within the usa to review the ambience: certainly one of area scientists, who specialize in the mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere, and the opposite of atmospheric scientists, who specialize in the troposphere and stratosphere. The boundary among those learn domain names approximately coincides with the stratopause (50 km). whereas the department ofthe surroundings into layers and bounds serves as an invaluable solution to symbolize a number of the chemical and dynamical approaches that distinguish those layers, those obstacles will not be impermeable. to appreciate such severe matters as worldwide swap, geophysicists needs to research the ambience as an built-in procedure. the aim of this monograph is to spotlight these experiences that think of the coupling of those areas and therefore compile medical specialties (atmospheric technological know-how and house technology) which are usually thought of separately.Content:

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In summertime even small amplitude mountain w a v e s cannot propagate far into the stratosphere before encountering cri­ tical levels. Higher phase speed w a v e s likely dominate in the mesosphere and in the summer stratosphere. M o d e l studies show high phase speed w a v e s can be generated in c o n v e c t i v e storms [Alexander and Holton, 1 9 9 7 ] . S o m e observations in the middle atmosphere have related the occurrence o f high phase speed w a v e s to weather systems [Taylor and Hapgood, 1 9 8 8 ] and deep convective clouds [Dewan et al, 1998; McLandress et al, 2 0 0 0 ] .

Atmos. , 56, 868-890, 1999. Polvani, L. , D. W. Waugh and R. A. Plumb, On the subtropical edge of the stratospheric surf zone, J. Atmos. , 52, 12881309, 1995. J. Alexander, and R. Haque, Dispersion imposed limits on atmospheric gravity waves in the mesosphere: Observations from OH Airglow, Geophys. Res. left, 27, 875-878, 2000. Taylor, M. J. and M. A. Hapgood, Identification of a thunderstorm as a source of short period gravity waves in the upper atmospheric nightglow emissions, Planet. , 36, 975985, 1988.

Thus, the parcel executes a simple harmonic oscillation at the fre­ ^ West East quency v = Ncosa. Thisfrequencydepends only on the static stability (measured by the buoyancy frequency AO and Figure 3. Parcel oscillation path (heavy arrow labeled&) for the angle of the phase lines to the vertical. eastward and upward propagating gravity waves with phase lines Detailed analysis reveals that the dispersion relationship tilted at an angle a to the vertical. for linear gravity waves (neglecting the Coriolis force) is: activity in the vicinity of the critical line.

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