By Hans A. Panofsky

Offers, in one quantity, an updated precis of the present wisdom of the statistical features of atmospheric turbulence and an advent to the tools required to use those facts to useful engineering difficulties. Covers simple physics and records, statistical houses emphasizing their habit just about the floor, and purposes for engineers.

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He related how engineers could successfully model the individual subsystems that made up the whole machine. But when all of the modeled subsystems were put together, the computer failed to predict how the system as a whole would behave. It is safe to say that the climate system is considerably more complex than any manmade machine. ) operate individually, what assurance do we have that they will behave correctly when they all are pieced together in a computer climate model? And even if that is successful, wiJl they behave realistically when we artificially enhance the model's greenhouse effect by 1 percent?

Even though the habitability of the Earth depends upon it, infrared light is not very well understood by most people. This is probably because it is invisible. But we can feel it. You are no doubt familiar with the infrared radiation you feel at a distance from a fire, or a red-hot stove element. You notice these sources of infrared light because our skin (unlike your eyes) is sensitive to it. especially if the source is very hot. In fact, everylhing absorbs and emits infrared radiation. The hotter something is the more infrared energy it emits.

The ational Weather Service Office slot was always the first to go. I would like to report here that I got that slot, but I didn't. Unfortunately, I've always been a procrastinator. Since I was the very last one in the senior class to sign up, I got what had historically been recognized as the least desirable choice: the public health department. While the other students had a day of fun, I traveled around the county that day with a health department employee inspecting a broken sewer line, and then a bunch of dead sheep that a farmer had left in a ditch by the side of a road.

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