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Иллюстрированный справочник, посвященный самым разным видам узлов. Будет полезен тем, кто хочет научиться правильно вязать узлы, выбирать наиболее подходящий тип узла для каждой ситуации, а также подбирать веревки с нужными характеристиками.

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Indd 36 8/30/10 2:38 PM 3. Straighten the loop out and rotate the overhand knot. 4. Hold the small loop of the overhand knot with your fingers and draw the two strands of the loop through it. When snugged up, you will have two loops of equal length. If necessary, you can easily adjust them to give you one long and one short loop. indd 37 37 8/30/10 2:38 PM Butterfly The figure-8 loop is an excellent choice when the direction of pull is directly opposite the loop. Yet when the loop is in the middle of the rope and the strands are pulled apart, it can lock up permanently, and untying becomes a fantasy.

Slip the loops over a pole or tent stake, or clip the loops to a carabiner, then tighten. indd 48 8/30/10 2:39 PM 1. Another easy method is to grab the rope with your hands crossed. 2. While holding the rope, uncross your hands so the palms face each other. indd 49 49 8/30/10 2:39 PM 3. Bring the loops together. 4. The clove hitch is ready to be attached. Among the most common uses of the clove hitch is anchoring to a carabiner. This is something that behooves you to practice until it’s second nature.

2. Then make a bight and pass it through the loop. indd 25 25 8/30/10 2:38 PM 3. Tighten by pulling up on each end and adjust the loop as necessary. indd 26 8/30/10 2:38 PM Bowline Seamen have used the bowline for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and it is still considered a primary skill in the sailing world. For decades, climbers used the bowline as the principal knot for tying into a rope, though the figure-8 loop is now preferred by many. Sharp-eyed readers might notice that the bowline and the sheet bend are the exact same knot form, though they are tied and loaded differently.

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