By Randy Boyagoda

Beggar's Feast is a unique a few guy who lives in defiance of destiny. Sam Kandy used to be born in 1889 to low clients in a Ceylon village and died 100 years later because the prosperous headman of a similar village, a self-made transport tycoon, and father of 16, 3 times married and two times widowed. In 4 components, this enchanting novel tells Sam's tale from his boyhood—when his mom and dad, confident via his horoscope that he will be a blight upon the kinfolk, abandon him on the gates of a far off temple—through his dramatic break out from the temple and trip throughout Ceylon to Australia and Singapore, ahead of his daring go back to the Ceylon village he as soon as known as domestic. There he attempts to win reputation for his luck within the world—at any cost.

A novel approximately relatives, delight, and ambition, approximately what it takes for one guy to make whatever out of not anything, set on a stunning, stricken island stuck among culture and modernity, Beggar's Feast establishes Boyagoda as an incredible voice in overseas literature.

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